I am Unstoppable

Elise M

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Do not confuse me with careless driving. Careless driving is when you’re unaware of the trouble you’re causing. You are not unaware of me. I am the kind of driving that seems fun when you’re around your friends, the roar of the engine when you’re getting ready to speed down the street for a race, that voice that tells you that you can fit a seventh person in the car with only five seats. I am the anger you feel when the car in front of you won’t speed up. I move with the shrug in your shoulders when you decide to ditch the seatbelt. I pull your eyes off the road and onto your screen. I am the sound of wheels screeching when they have made a sharp turn. I am shattered glass lying next to a vehicle. I am the motion of a car tumbling into the ditch. I am hydrated with the tears of loved ones. I speak through phone calls made by the police. I turn life into death in less than five seconds. I turn the hopefuls into tragedies. I am reckless driving. The saddest part? I cannot be stopped. I will keep taking and taking until you tell me no. I will keep on controlling you until you control me. When you shut your phone off for the ride, be patient with that other car, tell your friends no, buckle down, you stop me. Until that moment when you decide your life is worth more than the rising of the speedometer, the laughs of your passengers who rely on you to get them there safely, a single text message, then I am finished. What about that car behind you, with the baby on board bumper sticker? Is it worth risking their lives? Some people think they are out of my reach. They think they can afford a quick distraction when they know in the back of their mind it might impact others. They think they are above death. I guess they forgot crashes kill about ninety people a day. I know that whenever you think you might be safe, you aren’t. I know that when you put your hands on that wheel, that you are putting your life at risk. If you’d like to gamble your life further, then, by all means, take your eyes off the road for a second. Just know if you want to be reckless, if you think there are no consequences, please remember; I’m never forgiving.