Be Cautious

Mercury T

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“My mom is going to be so furious with me! How am I going to get to school to attend my lectures? How do bad drivers even get their license in the first place? I don’t have time for this! I need to complete my assignments!” My thoughts were all over the place trying to take in what just happened as I was sitting in the driver’s seat filled with anger. As I was contemplating with what just happened, I saw the irresponsible driver mouthing, “I’m so sorry.” I calmly walked out of my wrecked car and towards the driver who crashed into me. If you were wondering, the driver was a male in his mid 30’s. My response to him was, “Why were you even on your phone while driving?” As I took a quick glimpse in his car, there were children in the back seat! The situation just got worse! After the incident, the police arrived and information was exchanged. While the police officers were documenting information in their vehicle, he spontaneously made a joke stating that he should have driven off. After making this comment, I responded, “You might not care but I do. Because of you not knowing your responsibilities, you put not just your life and mine in danger, but also your young children. We’re lucky enough to even be alive, especially your kids. So I would appreciate it if you don’t make any more jokes about the situation.” Your irresponsible actions can affect others. So many crashes are caused by irresponsible people; texting and talking on the phone while driving, extremely loud music, eating, and drinking, etc. My advice to reckless drivers out there is to follow the rules while driving. There are rules for a reason. It’s there for your safety and the safety of others. People have a family to return to at the end of the day and I can guarantee you don’t want to be the reason why they don’t make it back. Please value your life and others. A reminder for responsible drivers; always be cautious. Just because you are a responsible driver does not mean everyone else is like you. As I like to say, there’s always room for being overly cautious.