Life Is A Gift

Drake F



Is it worth it? Risk everything for texting? Distracted driving is the number one killer of teens. The Screens screaming for attention, the extension, the intention, then inattention. Inattention gotta question with some tension: Is it worth it? Temporary satisfaction, gratification, man take a vacation. Put it on silent and focus on what is important. A life is more valuable than a text. Take satisfaction in inaction, better to be alive than missing in action. Take action: It’s time to use some common sense, don’t let your last defense be a bag full of air. Beware, don’t be impaired, be prepared, be aware. You only got one life, live it well don’t hear the death knell. Excel in everything you do, do not settle for mediocrity, make choices consciously and constantly with modesty. Honestly life is a gift. Next time the screen screams for attention there will be no extension, intention or inattention, it is not worth it.