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Benjamin P

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Everyday eleven teens die in a car accident. One fourth of all those crashes are caused by distracted driving. This is a story on how an innocent girl almost lost her life to someone else’s distracted driving. She had just turned 18 being able to drive around with her friends was going to be great. She had been so excited for this weekend trip to the fair. She told her mom about it and her mom said ok just be safe and don’t be reckless. Then finally the day came where They went to the fair in their local town. They had the best night of their life. Their group had done everything from eating till they can’t eat anymore and get on many rides. They were driving home to one of the friends houses. They had the music so loud that they couldn’t hear themselves think. The group didn’t care though because they were having the night of their life. As so they thought until all they heard was brakes slamming and people flying out of their seats. It happened so fast they didn’t even know what happened. They all got in the car without putting seatbelts on. Only one survived which was the girl who just turned 18 who had responsibly put her seatbelt She broke her door open and screamed for help. Then she realized she had hit a big semi truck carrying cargo to a warehouse. The car was almost completely destroyed. The police arrived with the sirens blaring and asked the girl what happened. The girl was in shock still barely comprehending what had just happened. Then the ambulance had arrived and pulled out three dead bodies and semi-living body. The EMT said It was a miracle that the girl made it out alive. She remembered how her mom said to be safe. She was still in shock now thinking about how the victims family will react. She rushes to her phone which is shattered. She picks it up and dials her mom to tell her what just happened. Her mom was crying and was on her way to pick up her daughter. The purpose of this story is to show how many lives can change in a matter of seconds due to distracted driving. Please when your driving put on your seatbelt, Keep the radio at a decent volume, and keep your phone out of your hand.