Someone made the choice for them

Christina C

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There are many things that can cause PTSD in people. Most PTSD cases you hear about come from the military. My story comes from a friend. She is a well known rabbit breeder in ARBA. She has won multiple Best of Shows. She is not only a local winner but a national winner. Her life completely changed on December 4, 2015. She was driving home with her husband from a Christmas dinner with fellow rabbit breeders and judges. Her husband was a police officer and going through his EMT certification. Her husband was driving from Escalon to Hilmar. All of a sudden there is a car driving on their side of the road. He had two options, he could swerve the car and save his wife’s life and die or he could stay in his lane and kill the both of them. He made the selfless decision to save his wife’s life and end his own. To him this was not a choice it was the only option because he loved his wife more than anything. When the officers and firefighters arrived at the scene the other driver a woman, on her phone texting and driving, was killed on impact. She had a husband and an 8 year old boy at home. My friends husband was killed on impact. My friend was rushed to the hospital fighting for her life the entire way there. She had multiple surgeries and therapy to go through. All the painkillers and antidepressants they give her do not help her much. She had to learn how to walk and talk all over again. She has nightmares to this day about the crash. To this day she still has PTSD from losing her husband. They were together for 25 years. He had 2 daughters who were not yet married or had children. Because this woman decided the text was more important than the lives of her and the other people on the road, he missed both of his daughters weddings and the birth of his two granddaughters. His wife has been in and out of the hospital since 2015 with PTSD attacks, and heart attacks. She has not been able to get back into her show career showing rabbits. She goes through holidays without her significant other which is the hardest on her. She still wakes up thinking he is there because of her good dreams, but when she realizes that he is not there and will not be there ever again she breaks down crying in bed. Her daughters could not have their father walk them down the aisle for their wedding. Her granddaughters never got to meet their grandpa. Her life, her daughters life’s, her granddaughters life’s were all affected because the other driver decided for them that the text message she was responding to was more important than the life of the husband, the father, and the grandpa.