SOLUTION or STRATEGY to fix the very real problem of reckless and distracted driving

Menjalah T

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A short but sad story. “I was then eight years old but I still have some vague memories of that day when a policeman came home and brought the sad news of my Aunt Rosie’s death. My dearest auntie Rosie died after a tragic car crash. She was driving back home when her car was deadly hit by another vehicle. A teenager was driving distracted. He and her girlfriend were listening to the music. The loud music and the use of headsets to listen to music while operating the vehicle prevented them from hearing the alert signal of an ambulance which was incessantly asking free transit passage. Their inattention caused a serious road collision, resulting in loss of human lives and wounded persons. The event impacted all of us. My family was devastated. Auntie Rosie had always been such a responsible and cautious person”. How to avoid or minimize the risks of reckless and distracted driving? That’s the big question nowadays; an issue of concern worldwide. The solution there is in our hands. It’s all about a combination of conscious commitment and safety practices or habits. As drivers, we must be fully aware that reckless and distracted driving is one of the main causes of car crashes nowadays, and consequently of the great rate of fatal human deaths worldwide. Let’s keep in mind that there are lots of events that can disrupt driver’s attention while driving. Watch TV and video, use other electronic devices, dial a cell-phone or texting, eat and even talk to passengers while driving can significantly disturb driver’s attention from the road as well as lessen his/her capacity to identify and react to undesirable road situations in a swift and decisive manner. In just a few seconds, any simple distraction while driving can provoke a lethal car crash. Therefore, drivers should focus all their attention to road. On the other hand, as individuals we should support and stimulate society and its main actors to get fully involved and raise collective awareness of the fact and work jointly with the view of implementing more measures or laws leading to safety practices on the road and preventing vehicle crashes as a result of bad driving behaviors. No one has the right to threaten our lives or put us in danger because of an irresponsible action. There is no monetary compensation that could pay for your own life safety. Money cannot compensate for the irreparable loss of any loved one. Let’s unite and take action immediately to decrease the risks of reckless and distracted driving. Imprudent actions while being behind a wheel are threatening the most precious possession of humans: life itself. Life is so precious!