Freedom and Independence

Raymond G

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Driving is important to many, but for teens it might as well be freedom and independence in its purest form. After a certain time when they get used to it and becomes second nature like riding a bike or a skateboard. However, as we all know not every ride is exactly the same, and like riding a bike or a skateboard there is always that chance that you or others will get hurt, badly sometimes… I remember when my mom brought up the time she was dating a senior in college. My mom couldn’t drive at the time so he gave her a lift anytime she wanted, and you’d think that driving something as dangerous as a motorcycle would keep him focused and vigilant every time he got on that seat with my to-be mother. This was all my mom could recall from the accident; they were on the freeway and she simply told me that he took his eyes from the road and pointed out a billboard in the distance, my mom couldn’t see it so he pointed longer, and longer, until SMASH! Right into the side of a red Mercedes. When my mom woke up she was in a hospital with skid marks across her back. She didn’t even suffer the worst of it, the boyfriend broke his legs and had damage to his brain with skid marks all over his arms, right leg, and stomach. He never rode again… Life can change in an instant, and you may say that the boyfriend shouldn’t or he should’ve since he was on a motorcycle. The truth is that a car can be just as dangerous when you have more people that you care about on the inside and their deaths would all be because you decided to point out that movie on the billboard that you know would be an amazing time for them, but now their not there anymore because of your actions. Life is precious and for it to be taken away in an instant because of one little mistake doesn’t sound fair, but it is part of the world we live in. Be safe while you drive because it’s not just your life at risk.