Text or die

Angelique B

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Texting and driving is not okay. We cannot use the excuse that we are just “glancing up from your phone every now and then” because if that really worked there wouldn’t be any crashes due to of texting and driving. So that’s why when people use that excuse it’s laughable. The risk you take doesn’t just affect you, it affects anyone you might hit and kill. This is my chance to tell you to not to take the risk and how it will affect you if you do and if you don’t how it will keep you out of danger. Here are some ways to prevent texting and driving. First, when you get a text, if there is anyone else in the car you can have them text the other person for you. Also you can either pull over if it’s an emergency or when you’re stopped at a red light. It doesn’t affect anyone because your not driving but be quick enough so that when the light turns green you won’t hold up traffic. Another way is before you start the engine text anybody that usually texts you to tell them that you are going to drive that you will be able to answer them when you get to your destination. Driving is a privilege because of the risk and responsibility we all need to assume out on the road. So that’s why taking your eyes off the road has a lot of disadvantages. I feel that we are all addicted to our phones so I know it’s hard not to pick up to glance at it but that shows how bad we are addicted if we can’t survive without our phones just for that car ride. I feel like that just blinds us from seeing our surroundings. This should be a goal for a lot of us to not be allowed to use our phone while driving. Once you develop the habit it becomes easier to do.