Future Us Newspaper: Stop Reckless Driving Before It’s Too Late!

Lauryn B

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Today on Future Us Newspaper we will discuss the new and improved way that scientists are solving the reckless driving epidemic in America that is growing tremendously each year. The Future Us team wanted to help our global researchers by sharing some of our ideas on how to decrease reckless and dangerous driving. We believe that a new automobile should be made with technology that can help detect signs of distracted driving through object detection technology which is already used in cars today. Sometimes when people are recklessly driving they are not aware of their actions. For example actions like eating, dozing off or trying to quiet down your kids in the back seat are all examples of dangerous driving that can be prevented if the object detection system in cars can tell when you are trailing off the road and into another lane. The way that the detection can warn the driver is by a vibration that would go through the steering wheel and into your hands to grab your attention or wake you up from a dangerous doze off. Now what if you are aware that what you are doing in the car is dangerous for others like texting? We have a solution for that too. App developers can make an app that connects your phone to the car, so whenever you unlock your phone when the car is on the automobile can tell it’s on and will turn on the horn until it is turned off. This helps lower reckless driving because the driver doesn’t want to be annoyed by the constant honking and doesn’t want to feel embarrassed for the attention they attracted from other drivers. These are only some of the ideas out of many around the world that could be used to further improve the safety of others on the road. No matter what we need to find a way to lower these catastrophic numbers and fast because death does not wait for the victims in car accidents. For now it is in the hands of the inventors in our country to make it come true. This is Future Us Newspaper and we would like to remind you to be safe and always drive defensively because death will not wait patiently for you.