Keep it locked up

Mekhi H

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Driving is a dangerous thing to do, every time you hop in your car and go somewhere you put yourself at risk. Now what if you add distractions such as a cellphone? It makes matters worse not only putting yourself in danger but others on the road as well. I am proposing an idea that could possibly help the distracted driving situation. My idea is to make a law that everyone must keep their phones in the glove compartment of their car and Police Officers can pull anybody over at random and if your phone isn’t in the glove department then you receive a fine or maybe something even more serious like suspension of your drivers license. I feel like this may be a good idea and maybe have check points drivers have to go through before entering the freeway to make sure their phone is where it is supposed to be, this would be a good law to enforce on society to make driving on roads much safer. This is my idea for creating a safer driving environment for all people and hopefully cause the amount of accidents to drop by a great percentage.