Daydreaming of fewer collisions

Eli M

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Daydreaming, talking on the phone or to your friends in the car, listening to music, dialing numbers or texting friends, rubbernecking, eating or drinking or even adjusting the audio or climate controls can cause crashes. Daydreaming is really dangerous because in America more than 172,000 people are killed in car crashes because of daydreaming drivers. My thoughts on daydreaming drivers is they probably didn’t have that much sleep in the night before or they just think too much. They should stop thinking too much and pay attention to the road. And for people that don’t sleep well they should start going to sleep earlier or take a nap before getting on the road. When you are on your phone while driving it is so dangerous because in America 3,328 people were killed in distraction-related crashes and about 421,000 people were injured in crashes. My solution is to develop an app to stop you from using your phone when you are driving because you can die or you can kill someone else. If it is important when someone is calling you just leave it until you get to the place you are going. Rubbernecking is dangerous, especially if you do it while driving fast but even if you don’t drive fast you can die or you can kill someone else. In America approximately 100 people die in crashes every day, and 94 percent of all car accidents are due to driver error. My solution is not to look at accidents as you drive past them because it can cause you to wreck as well. Paying attention is important to keeping everyone on the road safe. People die every day from car collisions and everyone can do their part to make the road a safer place.