Avoiding the crash

Julianna L

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Reckless and distracted driving has recently become a very big problem. Nowadays people spend a lot of time on their cell phones. I think we need to limit the amount of time we spend using our phones. When driving there are many ways to be distracted. Some examples are when people eat, when they have someone else in the car to socialize with and last, but not least, people use their phones while driving. To be completely honest, I’m not sure when or how this become acceptable to some people. With all the distractions there are using a phone while driving is the biggest. Many accidents have been caused due to phone usage. When getting into a car the first thing you should do is put your phone away. If it’s too had too unplug maybe you should take some time to yourself before you drive. There are many steps to take to insure that you drive safe. First you turn off your phone if you do not feel like doing it you can put your phone in the glove compartment or backseat. Now there are other options if you really need to make a call while driving. One example is a Bluetooth earpiece as they aren’t too pricey and they will help someone practice safe driving. Oftentimes new cars already have Bluetooth calling setup. If someone is able to afford all of the safety features available when buying a car they should take advantage of that. That option is not available to everyone and that’s okay because those options are not necessary for someone to practice safe driving. Something else we can improve on is having parents set a good example of driving safe to their young children. Young children want to be just like their parents so most of the time they copy what they do. If they grow up watching their parent texting or making phone calls while driving they are going too think it’s acceptable. In the long run it’s going to be really hard to change someone’s mindset once they are taught it is okay to be on their phones while driving. Phones have become a very big problem and are starting to cause way too many accidents. In reality, there’s not much we can do about our phone problems outside of the car but we can definitely take charge and practice safe driving. We all have the option to make a change and to make progress. We all just need to participate driving with fewer distractions. I get that you would want to keep in touch with a loved one to insure that they are safe but, there are so many others who want their loved one home. As sad as it is one phone call or one text can make a life changing difference. Some people have the mindset that it’s okay to be on the because they think that they’re driving skills are great but in reality they are not. Everyone’s life should be valued but even more so while your on the road so people should do themselves and the drivers around them a favor and put their cell phones away. A simple act will keep everyone safe and happy while driving.