Dispose of Distracted Driving

Adriana J


Cellphones are daily parts in everyone’s lives, in this era of technology, cellphones are always in use. Therefore, cellphones are even used when they are not suppose to be. Each year 1.6 millions accidents have been reported, and the cause has been for texting and driving. It is time that a new way in handling this issue is made. That is why i suggest a type of phone lock that activates after a signal, similar to Bluetooth, connects with the automobile after it is turned on. What this lock does, is that it send a message to the person who is calling or text messaging the driver, telling them that they are driving and their phone is locked. The lock will not deactivate until the car is turned off. However there are accidents, that is why the lock provides an emergency button that lets drivers call 9-1-1


The following writing is based on a solution that can help decrease the number of accidents and reports of reckless and distracted driving due to cellphones.