Smart cars that really are smart.

Brianne T

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In this ever changing world of technology which is our future I feel that we need a pause while driving. I believe the only way to end texting and driving is a device built into all vehicles during manufacturing that would disable or block cell signals to all drivers. This device should work through the drivers’ seat. I think that it should have the technology to reactivate the cell signal if an accident occurs to the vehicle allowing the driver to call for help in they are able to. This device should be tamper proof so that no driver is able to deactivate. This device should work on all cell phone no matter which phone the driver has. I feel that all auto manufacturers and cell phone companies should work together to design and install this device in all vehicles by 2020. With all the advances in technology this should not be difficult to accomplish. I think that this would be the only way to stop texting and driving. We all know that we can be killed or can kill someone else yet we still continue to do it. Sadly creating this device may be the only way to end the deaths caused by texting and driving.