Effects of Distracted Driving

Mireya R

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In New Mexico 3,129 people lost their lives due to distracted driving in 2014. According to The National Safety Council using a cellphone while driving leads up to 1.6 million crashes per year. With these rates there needs to be a change to decrease the amount of crashes per year due to distracted driving. Cell phone use causes crashes even if you are just checking the time. In your mind it’s just a quick task but it can cause you to severely hurt or kill yourself or someone else. It can be something simple as you picking up your phone to answer a call even if you put it on speaker, it can be that 30 second time period where you and another can lose your lives. Ways you can prevent these crashes are by turning off your phone before getting in the car and turn it back on when you are at your destination. If you have an iPhone you can flip the silent switch. You can also decrease the amount of passengers in the car with you because this can lead to you lose focus because you may be tempted to turn back and talk to them. An invention that can be created to decrease the distracted driving rate could be a device similar to the device that detects how fast your going but in this case it would have a sensor to detect if the driver is using their cell phone. It would also have a sensor that can power off your phone while you’re driving so you’re not using your phone and it doesn’t distract you. This device would be important so you, your passengers, and the other people on the road are safe.