What’s Important When Thinking of Life

LaTammara D

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The life of that person is important.Are you too busy to save a life?You know that safe driving is important.Watch and Listen to your surroundings. Wait a minute to think about what’s more important– a life or a text? Driving is the wrong time to text, a flash so quick can turn into a boom,a loud crash. You or someone else’s life is gone forever, maybe even both. Don’t let that little text distract you from the big road. Is seeing your loved ones the next day important to you? Put your phone on silent,airplane mode,off,or whatever to save an “On button for life.” Look at all of the lives of others inside the cars left,right,in front,and in the back of you. Commit yourself to making a difference in the world of driving.Don’t text while driving you can save a life and finish a future.