Red Lighted Run

Caroline M

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The sun was shining, the birds were kind of singing, and the wind was gently blowing through the windows of my 2005 Ford F150. I was driving to get my hair done by my best friend who lived in a few towns over. I was singing along to some country song on the radio and pulled up to the red lighted intersection. As the light turned green, I began to drive until something stopped me. I was flung from side to side until I was pushed into a spinning cycle the other direction. I vaguely can recall the sound of crunching metal and looked down to see my airbags were deployed. I swung open the door of my car and heard screaming and yelling from all directions. There were 4 cars that I could see, a semitruck, a sedan, a range rover, and my car. My car was smashed into the semi-truck enough that I couldn’t differentiate what was car and what was metal. The sedan was sitting in the middle of the intersection and the driver was unconscious. My head was starting to throb as people were screaming at me to wait till the ambulance came to walk around. I began to walk to my car and sat down on the driver’s seat. The wailing of an ambulance nearby caught my attention as it came closer. As I looked over to see the ambulance drive up, I saw the girl from the sedan being cut away from the car. I was then asked by an EMT to be taken to the emergency room. As I was driven to the emergency room, my mind kept going back to what had happened in my car. We had gotten to the emergency room, and at some point I was laying on a bed. The walls and lights were the medical white, one would expect from a hospital. I fell asleep at a point, and when I woke up I was back home in bed. The girl who had caused the accident was texting when she ran the red light and that’s why she had been unconscious when the ambulances arrived. If she hadn’t have been texting I wouldn’t have had to tell the story of why texting and driving is dangerous.