Decisions – Keep Living

Leslie G


Life or Death, These words come to mind when driving and the phone rings. The swipe of the screen, It is where it all starts. Your decision of texting…. Brought back memories, When you had to make a decision of…. Life or death. Many people are probably thinking about it right this moment. Everything ceases to exist, when we pick up that phone. We feel nothing but sadness and guilt. The phone overpowered our emotions, our reality, our future. We lost our hope. The hope of living or letting another live their life. We tried healing and forgetting the incident. We still end up remembering it and regretting the decision we made at that moment. We could have saved a life. we could have protected that person. If only you did not pick up that phone. Our guilt has gotten worse over the years. It feels like we are stuck in a corner with no where to go or escape to. What will you choose? Life or death? It is only a matter of minutes until you can make a change in your society. Will you make a selfish decision or save the life of an innocent person?


Our society has been impacted greatly by the electronics and social media. No matter where we are and what we are doing, Once we get a notification on our phone, we always try to answer or check it. Many teens and adults are still not noticing the consequences of getting distracted at the wheel. They will only realize once someone they care about dies or an innocent stranger are in danger of dying. If they are not distracted for at least a few minutes, no one would be harmed. All they have to do is just wait and make a simple decision of not swiping that phone. How would it feel like losing it all over a mistake that had been made.