¨Think before you do¨

Tia H

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TIa Hinton Just imagine. You and your friend are on your way to the beach, and your are blasting your favorite song. So your friend takes her eyes off the road and turns the music up, and all the sudden you feel yourself going forward quickly, you look up and the car in front of you has the most messed up bumper because of you and your friend, and you wonder, what if that was you getting hit from the car behind you. Nobody every has the intention of crashing in to a car or getting crashed into by a car. Everyone is taught the rules and we know them but we somehow do not follow them eve though we know it can cause many consequences, and not simply following the rules of the road causes distracted and reckless divers. These are some solutions/strategies to fix the problem of reckless and distracted drivers. One strategy to prevent distracted and reckless driving is if the law gets more strict for the things people do to cause them to be distracted and reckless. An example is the use of phones. If the the fine you get when you get caught using your phone increases than less people will use their phones, because they do not want to pay the fine, and that will lead to less distraction and people on the road will not be as reckless. Another strategy is something to try to improve yourself. This means to just take precaution everytime you think about looking at your phone, or looking behind you tp talk to your friend, anything that will distract you from the road, just always think about the consequences. If more and more people take the time just think about what could happen if they are getting distracted less people would get in car crashes. So next time you get in a car and you want to just check your phone one time, look back to talk to your friend, or turn up the volume on you music think about the consequences and the people who would be affected because of the consequences of being a reckless and distracted driver.