Safe Drive

LyLena E



LYRICS: Seems like we’re always on the move Always trying to get to the next – we’re overdue Never let the price dictate what we choose But sometimes the price that we pay Is that life that we lose, oh And it’s more than that Barely 17 A new set of wheels New hopes and dreams The taste of freedom Next phase in life Brakes slam, mad scram And that’s the last drive A tragedy on the repeat loop But there is something we can do Get buckled up And leave early enough So there’s no need to speed or rush Stay calm when traffic rolls around Chill out when things slow down When you plan your drive Keep that in mind And we’ll all make it home alive You may be too fast paced for your town But on the road, you wanna stick around So please slow down On the road, you won’t catch me Texting or even GPSing I just want to make it home alive I just want to have a safe drive CREDITS: Music arranged and vocals recorded within Garage Band. BACKSTORY: As a high school student that attends a school a half an hour away from my house and is involved in a plethora of extracurricular activities, time is something that’s always on my mind. It can be tempting for me, or anyone, to drive recklessly as a result of not leaving early enough, a decision that’s oftentimes deadly. My high school has had to deal with kids getting hit in the parking lot and is still in the process of mourning the loss of one of its seniors who was killed in a collision. I hope this song can remind my peers that missed appointments and late arrivals can be corrected but losing a life cannot.