How to stop reckless driving!

leilany y

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In my opinion a good way to stop reckless driving is by stopping people from texting and driving. Also to have a better control over drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If u see someone that you know and they been consuming alcohol don’t let them go near a vehicle. There has been many reports about this topic and its mostly talking about how individuals be getting into collision with other vehicals or in some case with a building or human body’s . People need to take a stand and help put a stop to this. Also this a course when people are in a rush to what they have an appointment to do so please eveyone take you’re time and take it slow. Also look all ways and pay attention when driving and like this you can save you’re life and others! Also there should be an application were it turns ur phone and notifications off while you are driving. Also do not drive when you are emotional because this may cause you to not notice you’re surroundings ,you maybe end up breakin a law and getting poled over by an officer. You might end up with a TICKET! So come on guys be smart about this and drive safe.