Dorothy K


It’s really hard to focus on something when you are distracted. You seems to have to attentions, one on what you are doing and the other on the source of distraction. Distractions like phone calls when driving will force to take your phone and answer the call, you may luckily forget that you are driving and loss control of yourself. You may skip, slip, slide or collide into the car infront or behind you. Stay on task, if you are driving then drive. Forget about your phone, don’t drink and drive as we always say. Just stay away from drinking.


RECKLESS driving is driving with DISTRACTIONS from alcohol, loud music, phone call or texting, stress, anger, mental disorders.etc. These all contribute to the huge number of deaths on our roads since the invention of automobiles. RECKLESS driving also involves driving above the speed level, not following and observing road signs. These can be solved by making sure you are not under the control of drugs,silent phone if possible and follow all the posted signs and symbols. Several punishment and funds should be administered to anyone who disobey these rules. This will serve as a deter to prevent others from doing same things.