Small Devices Equal Less Danger

Stephanie L


Small Devices Equal Less Danger Everyone has excepted reckless and distracted driving as a normalcy and as a result the number of teen deaths and injuries continues to about 4000 each year. To help decrease these numbers there should be a device installed in the seat belt that prevents the vehicles from driving if they do not use it. Additionally, the steering wheel should have a heat sensor that can detect if the driver has both hands on the wheel. If the sensor does not detect two hands for longer than a minute an automatic call to the local police station should be triggered; the officer must then question the driver for not having both hands on the wheel and determine if they will receive a ticket of fifteen dollars or pass with a warning. This will directly help avoid the 1 in 4 car collisions involving phone use. Furthermore, every person has three warnings for small infractions but after the third infraction they must attend a driving class to review the road rules. To conclude, in the age of technology there should be advances in preventing people from operating a vehicle that do not follow the required safety guidelines.


Technology has had numerous compact devices that offer entertainment or security serviceable yet there has been to research in adding the same software to vehicles to prevent deaths and injuries. In this short essay I give brief descriptions of devices that can significantly reduce reckless driving.