Would you ever do this while driving?

Jaden G

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You and about two dozen other people are on a school bus. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until you look at the bus driver. His eyes are closed and he has a loose grip on the wheel. Panicking, you yell up to the front of the bus to wake the driver, and he looks at you through the mirror as if you had two heads. “I’m getting a few minutes in, I didn’t get any sleep last night” He says, closing his eyes again. At this point he’s starting to swerve off the road. You and everyone on the bus can’t believe their eyes or ears and you yell at the bus driver again. “Don’t you know that we could crash?!” You exclaim, wincing at every car that’s going by in fear of hitting one. “Yeah, but I’m a good driver,” He responds adjusting himself in his seat. “And I’m almost done.” Completely dumbfounded, you continue with trying to keep this crazy man awake. “Can’t you wait until you get home? Or until you don’t have another 25 people on a bus with you?” “Yeah, but I’m almost d-” The man is cut off as the force of the bus causes him to jerk forward. As predicted, he crashed the bus. Now, that sounds like a pretty unrealistic scenario, doesn’t it? You may be thinking “Who decides to take a nap while driving?! They must want to crash their car”. Well, it’s not that much different from being on your phone while driving. In both cases your eyes, your mind, and your hands would be off the wheel. You’d still be putting yourself and the people around you in danger because you aren’t giving the road or the people driving around you 100% of your attention. About 11 teens die everyday from car crashes, and at LEAST 1 out of 4 of them involve cell phone use. That’s about 1,000 teens that die annually, which is enough teens to make up two schools. Two schools worth of teens are killed every year because someone decided that whatever they were doing on their phones was more important than someone’s life. You wouldn’t sleep while driving, so why should you use your cell phone?