Just 10 mph Can Kill

Adrianna M

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“They aren’t stupid it’s just they don’t understand Kylie” said her friend Jasmine “Kylie what did James do now?” asked another friend Elizabeth “He didn’t call me like he promised” She says texting angrily. “Kylie stop texting and watch the road!” Said Jasmine “Fine!” Kylie says dropping her phone. They continue to the mall and Kylie’s phone starts going off, she glances at it. I gotta see what he wants or if he apologized at least, Kylie says grabbing her phone. Things happen so fast Kylie’s car swerves off the road as she looks up to see a semi truck coming their way, and the car goes upside down. The girls are knocked unconscious when the ambulance,firefighters and police show up. It’s very hard to get them out of the car it’s a wreck and the doors are jammed. The girls are finally brought out of the car but Elizabeth had stopped breathing while Kylie and Jasmine were still not awake yet. They are taken to the hospital and treated with Elizabeth in critical condition. A couple hours go by when Kylie wakes up looking around starting to sit up when her parents look over at her. “Mom, Dad what’s going on? Why am I here?” Kylie asks “Oh, honey you were in a car accident earlier today” her mother tells her pulling her into a hug. “Where is Jasmine and Elizabeth?” she asks Her father looks at her sadly saying, “Jasmine is in another room doing fine but Elizabeth is in a coma she might not make it.” At this Kylie starts breaking down crying. “I should have listened and put my phone down texting wasn’t that important. “ she says. Her father pulls her into his chest and says to her mother, Darling we should leave and let her rest.” Her mother agrees picking her purse kissing you one the cheek while her father gives her another quick hug. As soon as her parents are gone Kylie gets up looking for Elizabeth. She finds her room and looks through the window at Elizabeth who is so pale. Kylie goes back to her room and tries her hardest to rest. Kylie wakes up to realize she’s in her bed at home. “It was just a nightmare she whispers to herself. All of this could have been she thinks because she couldn’t wait or try to stop and text her boyfriend she had to do it in the moment. That moment she could have killed someone just because she was distracted in her mess. This nightmare has taught Kylie to not be distracted and drive. Hopefully it does the same for everyone else.