A vision that changed a driver’s a decision

Bryan R


It is 2:00 AM, hospital is quiet and you finally hear the clock ticking along with sirens going off from blurred memories of the past. Your heart feels like it is finally beating and you notice the pulses and slow breathing. Your body is attached to wires that connect you to an oxygen generator. Your mind suddenly awakens and takes you back to the moment where shuffling through the phone to play your favorite song, was more important than the 3 second yellow light, that separated you from a life and death situation. While envisioning yourself, depending on an oxygen generator to keep you alive, you come to your senses, you are not the person in the hospital fighting for your life and quickly become aware of the decision you were going to make. You decide to put the phone down and manage to come to a screeching stop. You look to the right lane and the car next to you seems to be in a rush while looking at directions in their phone and recklessly takes the light. You sit there, witnessing the crash at the intersection, unable to do anything but to reflect on the fact that one decision changed your destiny and luck.


This is a creative writing essay about a person who was driving and envisioned himself/herself in the hospital and finally waking up from a coma. The driver becomes alerted when he/she sees the intersection light turn yellow while trying to shuffle a song on the phone. The driver in the car next lane, decides to run the light that at this moment is already red, and the collision with another car occurs.