“Don’t worry mom, I’ll be home for dinner”

Brooklyn M

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“Don’t worry mom I’ll be home for dinner.” What if those were the last words you ever got to speak to your mom? It was Christmas Eve and you were on your way home from delivering a present to your best friend, before going to dinner with the entire family to celebrate the holidays. Nothing can go wrong during the holidays. That’s what you always thought. That’s what every naive 17 year old high school student thinks, but it’s never that way. Little did you know you never made it to your 18th birthday, will never make it to your senior year, and will never even make it to college. You took it away from yourself by looking at your phone, by dancing to the radio, by listening to your music so loud it’s screaming, by taking your eyes off the road for just a split second. You can look down for one moment and your life is over just like that. Maybe if you were paying attention you would have seen the car. You wouldn’t have swerved in the opposing lane. But, you don’t think before you grab your phone, because you know you should have been home an hour ago. Your family keeps texting you, “Where are you at?”, and “Are you on your way home yet?” Text after text. You can’t take it any longer. So, you grab your phone and you think to yourself, “no big deal, I do this all the time I drive this road everyday”. Then it happens. You hear the sound no one can ever forget. Cranchh! You see various colors; reds, blacks, whites. Someone is screaming. That’s you screaming. Someone pulls you up, you can feel what is going on, but you can’t move, you can’t speak to anyone. Someone asks if you are okay, but you are still unable to speak. Fear takes over, then you hear sirens. You know what that is. That is the ambulance that is going to take you away and help you. But, he doesn’t take you. He goes to another person first. You try to think, no one was with you, what did you hit. That’s when someone walks to you, and then you are driving away. All you see is darkness. What would happen if you just don’t look down to your phone, maybe you wouldn’t have been just another statistic. Because we all know driving while using a phone makes your chances of a collision higher, because “1 in 4 car wrecks involves the use of the phone,” and “about 11 teens die every single day in collisions.” It is so easy to find information on distracting driving, a research group called, It Can Wait, says that “75% of teen drivers say that texting and driving is common among their friends” But now you are just another number from the teens who decided it was okay to send that text, listen to the music too loud, or just changing the song that cost them their lives.What if everyone just stopped and thought for a moment about what they were doing. Maybe you would still be alive today. Maybe you could spend the holiday with your family all together but now thanks to you not paying attention, this is no longer a holiday they celebrate. Maybe if we would all realize driving is not something to take lightly. Maybe if everyone driving focused on just driving, then possibly 4000 people that die every year from distracted driving would still be alive. Please don’t be a statistic. Be better.