Impact Teen Driving

Maggie M

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Reckless and distracted driving is a serious problem today. Reckless driving is when one is driving over the speed limit, swaying in and out of lanes, and cutting other drivers off. Distracted driving is when one is preoccupied doing something else while driving. Reckless driving usually occurs when alcohol is mixed with driving, we’re running late, or we’ve just had a bad day. Deciding to cab to the party or club that night, instead of driving after downing a few shots, would be one effective way to cut down on the reckless driving on the roads today. Waking up ten, fifteen minutes earlier, is one way to prevent running late. Witch will calm your nervous, so there’s no need for road rage and recklessness. When having a bad day, leaving the baggage at home or at the office could help ease the mind. However, it’s easier said than done. In all these scenarios one major factor plays a part. Being mindful of those who surround you on the road. You’re not just putting yourself in harm’s way, you are also putting the other drivers in danger. Being cautious is a good way to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. Distracted driving takes place when one is eating while driving, trying to apply make-up while driving, and texting on their phone. Taking ten or so minutes extra to sit down and eat a burger, will fix having to eat on the road. Applying your make-up before leaving the house in the morning will ensure not getting yourself hurt, by poking your eye out with a mascara wand. Lastly, putting your phone on do not disturb mode when fastening your seat belt will eliminate the urge to grab and check your phone, every time you hear a ding. Accidents are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Doing something about your reckless, distracted driving will improve that number. It’s often easy to think you’ve got it all under control. Especially when it comes to driving. You think “I’ve been driving for 20 some odd years, I can do this in my sleep.” Yet, we never take the time of day to think about how our driving affects the world. Daily someone is being injured due to a motorized vehicle. Trying little steps like the ones above will make the world a better place.