It’s Fine…

Tenielle M

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What was the last thing you said to the person you loved the most? Was it loving, disdained or meaningful? Laughter is shared by both of you at the end of the day. You see them every single day. You bicker; you annoy, you laugh, you forgive, you love, you repeat. Nothing could ever happen to you. Nothing could ever happen to them. But wait—You love this song! You turn it up, and they sing along, It’s fine, you’ve jammed like this before. Your mind is dancing and your body is too within the confines of your seat. Your wrist steers the wheel with a phone held firmly, the second palm is gasping for a snack. It’s fine, BUT, OH MY GOD, they showed you the funniest post you’ve ever seen! You check the camera on your phone, you have a date tonight. Your hair is graced back to perfection. Red notification. RED LIGHT! It turns green. Maybe you’ll make the turn, maybe you’ll make a scene. You get a text… Loud thrashing metal surrounds you, glass enters from every direction. Goals? What goals? Dreams, family and love, what about it? A life. Lives. What about your life?..So what, you need to check Amber’s story, you have to see what your hot date has planned this weekend, who cares… What’s the latest details? Deadening silence—Blood drips from your brow, your head against the stone of black concrete. In your survival you make it to the hospital unlike those who were dead on arrival. Is it still fine? The habits that plague any person with a vehicle is a cluttered mind. People must find responsibility in themselves. This essay can’t find it for you.