It CAN happen to YOU

Brooke N

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Imagine losing someone close to you because of someone not paying attention on the road. Or having on your conscience that you killed a parent or child that someone loved because you were too busy texting your crush back. Or waking up in a hospital bed and not being able to feel your legs. This is what happens when people are distracted while driving or driving recklessly. This is a very real problem that everyone should know about and help to stop it. The text can wait. One solution or strategy that might help this problem is to inform more people about how dangerous distracted and reckless driving can be and how they can contribute to help the cause. One way we could do this is to require Drivers Ed and Alive at 25 for everyone newly getting their license, as well as people under 25 who have their license but have not taken these courses. These classes will help inform more young people about how dangerous distracted driving is and how badly it can affect a family. I personally took Drivers Ed and in that course was Alive at 25 and it opened my eyes to how dangerous this can be. One story that stuck out to me was about this girl who is about 30 now and she lost her arm in an accident. She was texting a boy back she liked, and he didn’t even know her name. She lost control of the wheel and rolled her car several times and the car ended up rolling over her arm and she had to get it amputated. This has changed her life forever, and she wants to help not only young drivers but everyone to stop texting and driving by telling her story. We all think “this won’t happen to me” but if you keep driving dangerously it will and you could really hurt yourself or someone else in the process. I think informing everyone about this very real problem is the only way we can help minimize this problem because even by putting safety programs on phones and in cars, people who don’t know the dangers of it will still do it and turn these safety programs off. By making this a big deal and letting everyone know how immensely his could change your life or someone else’s, we could really minimize and hopefully one day eliminate this terrible problem of reckless and distracted driving. Thank you for reading my idea for reckless and distracted driving.