Ways to prevent reckless driving

Rodrigo C

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In this essay I am going to talk about several ways to prevent reckless or distracted driving. So one way that you can avoid/prevent reckless driving or is by not speeding. Always go to the speed limit and do not go over the speed limit. This is really important because if you start speeding you can get into a car crash because if you do not see a car, person, animal or other object, and you are speeding you can crash or run something or someone over. Speeding is the main cause for car accidents so something that we can do to avoid this is by relaxing. Second you can leave earlier so you are not in a rush to go to your destination. Third you can pay close attention to the speedometer and use the cruise control option to set a speed limit. Always try to go a little bit under the speed limit. These are just some ways to avoid speeding, which is part of reckless driving.