Think twice before you drive

Lauren M

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Reckless driving, it’s a big life changer. Its where a teen could end up dead or a person could spend their life in a wheel chair. This is something that needs to be changed, but how? is the real question. How can we fix this? With easy decisions. Turning off the cell phone when you get into the driver seat is one way. This can save you from not paying attention to the road. Distraction is one of the biggest killers. If a friend is about to drive home from a party and you notice how drunk, then they say. Take the keys from them and either make them stay at your place or drive them home yourself. Each of these decisions are the most important factors to stopping reckless driving. But that’s not the only thing. If you see the reckless driver on the road the best thing to do is report it and let the cops handle it. If you don’t there are lives you just risked. Reckless driving is no joke I should know. My uncle died because of a reckless driver and this driver widowed his wife and made a mother lose her child before she passed, made a brother lose his best friend, and stopped and uncle from meeting his new born nephew. My uncle was also a soldier for our country. Reckless driving can permanently change lives of many. Before you get into a car think about what you are doing. Like ignoring your phone, not drinking or drinking responsibly, what’s the best choice for you right now. All it really takes is to think and reckless driving could be prevented. If everyone just followed this then families won’t have to lose loved ones and people won’t be put in wheel chairs form accidents.