Little Car Of Horrors

Isabella D

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Driving had always been my strong suit. I’ve never been in an accident in my life, never gotten a ticket, and never done anything stupid while driving. I see myself as a responsible driver. Not as much a responsible passenger. October 30th. I was planning an exciting date with my boyfriend, Koda. One year we’d been together. An entire year. That was insane for the both of us. He picked me up at eleven o’clock sharp. I kissed him on the cheek and we headed for the movie theater. We were both huge nerds. He loved movies, I loved movies. Sci-fi, horror, romance, drama, comedy, and everything else. Movies were how we met and how we’d celebrate our exciting day. It was a midnight showing of Little Shop Of Horrors. Our favorite musical of all time. I sat in the passenger seat and gazed into his eyes. “Thanks for picking me up,” “You’re welcome, Dillon,” he smiled and rubbed my head. “Do you think there’ll be time for popcorn?” “Yes of course.” “Cosplayers?” “Probably.” I droned on about the movie, not seeing my boyfriend getting annoyed as we hit traffic. “Are we gonna be late?” “No we’re not gonna be late,” he growled. “Now can you please be quiet? I’m trying to focus here.” I felt offended by him. I wasn’t talking that much. “The traffic is moving really slow. Can you go another way?” “I said no, Dillon,” he snapped. I played with my t-shirt and looked down at the ground. “Really it’s not moving.” “Dillon please!” He shouted. I tensed up. “I’m just trying to help you out.” “Fine, you wanna get there so bad, let’s go,” He slammed his foot on the gas and drove into the bike path, a scowl on his face and rage in his eyes. My life flashed before my eyes. I had to stop this. I immediately grabbed his leg and ripped it off of the gas. Breathing heavily, he looked back at me shakily. “Dude. I’m sorry just-” “It’s ok. Don’t apologize. You just saved us,” he sighed and kissed the top of my head, merging back into traffic. The shock still lingered on his face. Not wanting him to panic again, we switched seats and drove on to the movie. By the time we sat down, he was shaking violently. I took his hands to calm him and stared up at the movie. I couldn’t believe we nearly died that night.