The Banger

Christopher A

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The Banger By: Chris Albertini You get a text from your friends in the groupchat. They are all over at a party playing the new video game that just came out and boy is it a banger. So you quickly grab your keys and say goodbye to your mom and that you are gonna go check thins banger of a video game out. You open up the door and start your car. Then before you go, you receive another text from that group chat. It is a location with orders from each person, so it looks like it is your job to pick up the food for again, this banger of a video game. So, you drive to that location and pick up the food and it is all safe and sound. You then realize you’re starving, so you pick up your cheesesteak that you ordered for yourself and unwrap it. You then realize you’ll be running late because it is a school night and you need be home by ten ‘o clock. You start driving, but you’re eating that delicous cheesesteak. You then drip a little ketchup on your pants. You took your hands off the wheel and grabbed a napkin. The next thing you heard was BANG and then everything went dark. You were then woken up by the heartbeat monitor you were hooked up to and your parents crying by your bedside. You then see that the doctor has been telling them something. You wonder what it is so you ask the doctor. The doctor breaks it to you that you can not walk again and that you will basically be stuck in a wheelchair your entire life. You begin crying because you had a future in track and field and now you will never be able to run again.