Drive safe, be safe

Merary D

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Many people tend to have the anxiety of checking their phone whenever they get a text message while driving or answering their phone when they get a call, but yet they have no idea on the fact that they may be putting their life in danger. Now you have to realize that using a cell phone while driving is now illegal, yet people ignore this and still use their cell phones while driving. An alarming amount of vehicle accidents are linked to driving while being on cell phone, whenever you get in your car think twice and you might be saving your life and the life of someone else. I myself have been in a position where I almost got into a car accident due to this, my dad always drives us to school every day and he’s like many of us who would always be on their cell phone no matter where they were, one morning as we were on our way to school my dad got a text message from my mom and like always my dad picked his phone right away, we were getting close to a stop light, the light was indeed green but as my dad was answering my mom’s text the light turned red and the car in front of us stopped, if I wasn’t there to tell my dad to stop he could’ve crashed into the car, this isn’t a big scenario but it’s just enough to explain what can happen in a few seconds .There are many things you can do to help and make a change, for example, if you really have the urge to text or answer the phone pull over to a safe place other than that turn off your phone and put it in your pocket or purse, you need to set rules for yourself, for your own safety, set the example for others, speak out if you’re in the car with someone who is texting and driving, if you encourage others to speak out and set the example, we can make a change if we propose it.