If I Had Only Waited A Few More Minutes

Leah B

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A grandmother on her way to her son’s graduation. A father and husband on his way to pick up his wife and two kids under five because he had not seen them in a week. A teenage girl on her way to her first job interview. A twenty year old man on his way to propose to his girlfriend on their date. None of these people survived. Four different locations. Four different times. Four of the same outcomes. All had to do with texting while driving. The teenage girl and the twenty year old were texting right before the crash and caused the wreck, neither made it out alive. The father and grandmother were hit by teenagers who were texting their friends while driving, neither of them made it out either. The grandson wondered where his grandmother was. It wasn’t like her to skip his graduation. She had never missed an important event in his life. The husband’s wife wondered why he hadn’t come to pick them up from the airport. He wasn’t answering her calls. Hyvee tried to call the teenage girl to reschedule her interview that she missed, no answer. The girlfriend thought her boyfriend forgot about their date. In the end, four people died because of the issue of texting while driving. It is dangerous and is certainly not worth losing a life over. Teenagers must be aware of how much harm they are capable of causing just by sending that text of “On my way” while driving, or a much more pointless text message such as “Man I played horrible in that last soccer game,” or “Did you pick up candy for the movie tonight?” Waiting a few more minutes to text your best friend saves lives. If teenagers cannot be that patient with checking their cell phones, then they should not be on the road driving, Driving is a privilege, not something to take for granted because it may end up costing someone their life. It only takes seconds after checking your phone to crash. Next time you think about texting while driving, ask yourself this- am I willing to die for this text message?