Reckless Driving Solutions

Nicolas V

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According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), every day, 3,287 people die in car accidents around the world. The leading cause of death in car accidents is speeding, which has contributed to 31% of car accidents. A way to reduce risks and deaths by speeding is to implement technology in either a smart car, or phones that can identify your location and access your GPS to prevent speeding. One form of reckless driving is the use of handheld devices. Today’s cars have a USB built in the car to connect an individual’s phone to that allows them to access their music or text messages without looking at their phone. Some cars give access to their text messages with their center console, and they can reply to them with either voice commands or pre-loaded sentences built-in the vehicle. This part of technology reduces reckless driving, distracted driving, and texting while driving. Manufacturers can implement a way where your phone can be disabled when it’s connected to the car’s USB so that the only way to access the phone is through the center console. The manufacturers can also lock the center compartment where the USB is located when the vehicle is in motion. With the addition of this simple technological advancement, there will be fewer cases of reckless driving by the use of handheld devices because they will be unable to use their phones. A similar idea that uses the same technology in phone apps is to have an application that connects to the car using a person’s phone. The phone has a built in accelerometer and with the help of automotive manufacturers, they can design an app that lets the phone connect to the car when the car is in motion. People won’t be able to use their phone because it will be locked and they’ll have to slow down to a complete stop to use their electronic devices. This way, handheld device use will be kept to a minimum which will reduce death. Speeding a couple miles over the speed limit is also an act of reckless driving. It will only save someone a couple minutes of time, and they might get a speeding ticket on the way, among other severe repercussions, like death. An idea that will disrupt drivers from speeding is an innovative technology in the car that will geographically find the speed limits on every road, implement it in the vehicle and make the car unable to go past the speed limit for that road. By implementing this technology to vehicles, people will be unable to speed which will reduce reckless driving and death. Speeding can kill people, and ending someone’s life because the driver was half an hour late will cause trauma. We can stop speeding by implementing technology in either a smart car, or phones that can identify your location and access your GPS. Through technology, thousands of lives have already been saved, such as in the field of medicine. With a little more emphasis and focus on how technology can also be brought onto the road, thousands more innocent lives could potentially be saved.