Jessica O

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I am so grateful for you. My brother, my biggest fan. You are so happy. You are so alive. You are going to graduate, can you believe it? It was just my birthday, and we went out to eat. I have a softball game in a week, you will be there. Peter, I am at softball practice, aren’t you proud? Remember when I couldn’t throw? Peter, I got a homerun, I can’t wait until you see me. Peter, I’m going to sleep now. I’ll see you tomorrow. Peter, I woke up very happy. I will tell you about my dreams. Peter? Can you answer the phone? I got up and my sister is crying. Peter? Tell me it’s not true. Tell me it’s not you. Peter, they told me you are gone. This can’t be true. We are young and invincible. You are only seventeen. Peter there wasn’t enough seatbelts. Why did you get in? There weren’t enough seats. Peter, tell her to slow down. I don’t care if it’s an empty street. Peter, your brother is going to get baptized. Peter, you are going to turn 18. Peter, you are going to graduate. Peter, you are going to crash. 1600 Legacy Road. Empty Street. Curving Roads. Losing Control. Screaming. Gone. Peter, I don’t know how to explain it. Peter, the car lost control. Peter, the car crashed and hit a truck. Peter, your heart. Peter, your pulse is gone. Peter, why’d you do it? You taught me so much. You taught me to be happy You taught me to be safe. Can you please come back? I’m crying, and I need you here. Peter, don’t get in the car. Peter, put on your seatbelt. Peter, Don’t leave me. I never said goodbye. Peter, why did you do it? Peter, but you’re so smart. You’re gone. Can this really be? Peter, I guess we are not unconquerable. Were you not only seventeen?