Those Subway Stairs

Leandra W


I cry as I try to get up. My hands are scraped with pebbles stuck inside the wound. My knees are gushing. Every time I bend them it cracks open again. I look up and people are staring at me. There is an old couple shaking their head and snickering. I have done this before but last time nothing happened. This time I fell down the concrete stairs leading down to the subway train. I know I shouldn’t be on my phone while walking but I had a text from my mom. She wanted to know what I wanted for dinner. I am awake but barely hanging on to consciousness. All I can feel is the warm blood drying on my face and the airbag in my chest. I can feel my lungs trying to take a breath. Oh my God, it hurt so badly. I keep asking God to save me because I am stuck; I can’t move. I look down and realize I am not stuck; why can’t I move? I am sitting here stuck for what feels like forever. All I can think about is the day I fell in the subway stairs. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson. If I can’t walk and text then why did I think I could text while driving? Finally the ambulance arrives. The fire fighters claw open my car roof. The EMTS bring me out and place me on the gurney. I tell them that I can’t feel my legs. They stabilize my neck and body and rush me to the E.R. We get there. I am in and out of consciousness. When I wake up I feel good. I’m lying in the hospital bed and look to my right. My mom is crying. I try to ask her what is wrong but my lips were so dry just a croak came out. My mom saw I was awake and ran over to hug me, still crying. I am paralyzed. I will never be able to walk again. I will never be able to play soccer. I will never be able to dance at prom. And I will never be able to walk down the wedding aisle. All of this pain and suffering for the fact that I thought I was invincible. One stupid text message ruined my life. Why did I look at my phone? And most importantly why didn’t I learn my lesson on those subway stairs?


This is about a girl who felt went to high school, A girl who dated boys, went to concerts, and enjoyed life while never giving a second thought to death. Her life gave her so many opportunities to learn what distractions from life around her could do but she was to confident to learn from them. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to dodge what life was going to throw at her.