In One Second

Yasmin M

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Legs shaking, my lungs get stabbed with every breath I take. Once again, I’m here, why? Last time I was here, I was… well never mind. I trust her, right? I see the road in front of me, I notice an accident, the car was in a severe accident, but everything turns to spirals. I turn my head towards her, she’s looking at her rear view mirror fixing her hair. I cry out to her about the accident. She doesn’t give me the time of day. I yell at her this time to focus. She rolls her eyes at me and looks forward and looks at me like I’m crazy. She mentions there is nothing there. I looked back. Nothing. But I could’ve sworn… *Ding* A text message has appeared, her eyes light up and quickly picks up the phone. My entire body froze in fear, I go numb, anxiety rises. I look at what’s in front of me, no danger.. I snatch the phone away from her and shout to pay attention. She yells back, she knows what she’s doing, I should relax. Red. Stoplight. At least for a minute I’m safe. Again, she takes a look at her mirror. Green. She continues to look at her mirror. A beep from a horn comes from behind us. She’s furious. I take a look at my surroundings, everything is going blurry, all I hear are ringing in my ears. I close my eyes for the ringing to stop, it was painful to hear. I open my eyes once more. Red? Are we at a stoplight? No, this red is mine. Glass? It shouldn’t be here. I tried to move, I couldn’t move an inch, everything was excruciatingly painful. I see people rushing towards me, did I do something? I hear the voices, telling me it’ll be okay. I turn my neck to her… she’s not okay. What happened? It all happened so fast. It all happened again…