Just Let Her Listen to Her Song

Sydney B

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That stupid song was still playing. My sister had put it on our iTunes account and it was always a risk when I hit shuffle. My head throbbed to the beat of the upbeat music while my ears rang with the high pitch singing of aspiring young singers. I just wanted to turn it off, but I couldn’t reach my phone, again. Before it had been in my passenger seat, now it sat on the ceiling of my car, above my backseat. The music were beginning to fade and I wasn’t sure if it was the song ending or the something clogging my ears. I attempted to unfasten my seatbelt but couldn’t feel muster the strength. Unable to do anything else, I forced my eyes open and squinted at my surroundings. The entire world was upside down. A jagged hole in the windshield showed a light purple dusk; the sun was setting from behind the pines up the hill, creating long finger-like shadows stretching towards the overturned car. Realization hit me. I’m upside down, I’m bleeding, I crashed. No, we crashed. I fervently craned my neck towards the passenger’s seat and my back spasmed. I quickly reverted to my earlier position but one look was enough, she was gone. I weakly called her name. I wanted to scream for her, to hold my baby sister in my arms. She had just become old enough to ride in the front seat, I was bringing her back from softball practice. But my voice failed me. Anyways, even if she could hear me, I couldn’t hear my sister. All that I could hear was the pounding blood and feel the sharp throb of my head. I again reached for my buckle and weakly grasped at it. I pushed until my fingers overcame my weight and the clip clicked. The ceiling rushed to meet me, followed by darkness. A sharp back pain right above my hips woke me. My spine was twisted as my chest lay on the ground while my hips were on their side. I feverishly pulled myself towards windshield by placing by hands in the hole as a handhold. I called her name again. My body twisted in an attempt to find a less agonizing position. The glass shredded my hands. I cried out from her again and attempted to look around. There. Knotted chestnut hair across a fallen log. I sobbed as I saw her hair and buried my face into the car’s headliner. Her body was hidden from view. The beautiful, glossy hair was beginning to dry with a dark liquid coating and matting portions of it. I couldn’t look at it, all I could do is moan. Everything hurt, my body, hurt, my mind was drained, my strength was slipping away. My eyelids fluttered I couldn’t stay awake, but I had to. The darkness coaxed me closer and just like my beautiful baby sister, I heaved a final sigh. I flinched as the bright lights and sounds flooded my senses. A figure was standing over me, whispering to me. Another voice shouted, “She’s back!” I focused on the one above me. “Stay with me. Sweetie your safe, what’s your name?” The voice had a southern accent and was thick with emotion. I whispered it and she leaned closer. I repeated myself, followed by, “Where’s my sister?” The woman seemed to choke,“Don’t worry dear, just stay with us.” But I didn’t, I fell back asleep.