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Erica M

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Did you know? The most common distraction to you while driving is your phone? The way your eyes dart away from the road at the ringing tone. Social media or a text cannot wait until you get home? Did you know? You can get distracted by talking to someone in the car, Friends taking your eyes from something you didn’t see from afar. Deeper conversations? Please be aware of where you are. Did you know? It might also get too dangerous if you´re moving to your song. A beat so catchy it’s too hard not to move along. Something way too innocent but the impact way too strong. Did you know? Why are there so many crashes, so so easy to prevent? So many costs, for something you can’t even dream to ever intend. Because of a distraction, you can cause more than just a dent. Did you know? There is a long driving journey, in front of you, ahead. Make sure to know all the driving rules, so that you are not mislead. Driving is a privilege, pay attention to what is said. Don´t you realize? The manuals, courses, and laws are created to protect, Before starting to drive,your priorities to go unchecked. Others on the road and yourself you need to respect.