I Thought I Knew

Sadie T


I told myself I would never… Never look at that phone When I should be looking at the road. I know about the tragedies, deaths, and heartbreaks. I do not have the right to take… that chance. Having the passengers’ lives in my hands, I know the safe route to go, but do not follow it anyway. I know one second could change everything. I have seen it a million times before. How long will it take me to learn my lesson After I shut my car door? This is what I told myself, Before tragedy struck. Before my brother’s car was in a tree, stuck. I learned my lesson in the most terrible of ways, And I vowed to never text and drive For the rest of my days.


The narrator is someone who knows that they should not text and drive, but do anyway. They have seen the stories, but do not think anything could ever happen to them. Tragedy strikes and a family member is killed. They vow to never text and drive again. This is not a true story in my life, but someone who has gone through death by car crash may be able to relate.