Eyes On The Road (Hey, hey!)

Karen M



Hey (hey), You been driving for too long and your phone is going off, You can feel yourself drifting off, hey (hey), You keep looking at your phone , Got no idea what’s going, And you’re swaying back and forth, Well let’s decide, Will you collide ?, I swear you’re moving side to side, Why won’t. You. Just notice? Let’s clear this up, So listen up, It’s simple really, don’t run off, Just keep, Just keep ohhhhh, HEY (HEY), Keep your eyes on the road, HEY (HEY), Many distractions going on, How about you just turn off your phone?, Turn off your phone, HEY (HEY), Hey hey hey hey, HEY HEY (yeah), Just turn off your phone. It’s our own responsibility to know our limits when driving on the road; if you feel like you’re looking at your phone, it’s your job and nobody else’s to stop you from looking. If that means that you have to turn off your phone to avoid all temptation, then use that as a solution, or come up with one on your own!