Elizabeth W

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Its late at night and my single mother and I are headed to Dallas Fort Worth. There is nothing to look at but the lights of people on the highway beside us and in front of us. The road lamps disappear and a once large town is all behind us. About half way there my mother begins to toggle with the trip meter on the dash, searching for the amount of gas we had left in the tank, or how long exactly we had been traveling so far. Her phone, just as close to her, dings from distant family looking to check up on us. My mother lazily takes the phone and tries typing away. The same mother who taught me to drive, screaming all the time to lock my phone up before driving. I look up from the passenger seat to see her not paying attention and the road slowly start to become a blur as she is so distracted she beings to travel at more than just 80 mph. The bright lights of the semi in front of us become very clear, so clear I thought I could reach out and touch them. I rush to speak but nothing comes out, all she could hear that got her attention was a small squeak that caused her to desperately swerve out of the way. She gasps for air as the wind is knocked out of me causing my heart to pump even faster. I tell her to please stop texting and she angrily snaps at me that it is not my place to be commenting on her driving skills or lack thereof. My eyes drift to the road as I can recall times like these ending up exactly the same. The same people who do not listen to the children they raised to stay out of trouble and to constantly be safe. They do not listen when their own kin try to teach them something. The problem with distracted driving is that everyone needs to listen and make no exceptions. The solution to this death wish of a problem is to SPEAK UP to those thinking they can do it all, thinking they can be the exception to a car collision, OR WAKE UP to the facts that peoples lives end daily for these people to send one text. One word. One emoji.