Lucid Driving

Bailey P


I still see your contact in my phone Can’t take back the texts that I sent you Its to the point that I miss and guilt too And I cannot change you so I must forget you NOW And I could not save you now I thought you could multitask Checking your phone for texts instead of the road Your safer now but I am regretful now I will never let teens forget you I still see your shadow in my car Still can’t take back texts that I sent you Its to the point that I see teens still with you And I cannot change it so I must try to now Listen teens now you can change it now Just tuck it away and you don’t need wifi now That lucid crash is was left in the past You left me wondering And you landed inside your grave You never thought you’d be dead Even prescriptions don’t make the pain OK


This is a poem about the regret and guilt that comes to everyone following distracted driving that results in a crash.