Don’t Text and Drive

Jeffrey C

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As Mark was driving to his college classes one foggy Wednesday morning, he quickly glanced at the clock in his car. He was going to be 15 minutes early. Just as he put his eyes back on the road, his phone pinged. Mark usually didn’t check his phone while he drove, but he decided to check and text this one time, since he was bored. Shelly was also a college student, and she drove down the same roads Mark drove down every morning. That previous day, she had run out of coffee and this morning she was extra tired. She wasn’t able to focus and she just wanted to get to school. She stopped at a light and her phone pinged. She picked it up and read a message from Mark. All of a sudden Shelly’s car lurched forward and rams into a woman pushing a baby stroller on the walkway. A car has come up from behind her and didn’t stop in time. It turns out that Mark was looking at his phone and rammed into the back of Shelly’s car. Don’t text and drive. Keep you, your friends, and others safe.