Paris K

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“Yeah, he did. Can you believe that? I was just at his house. I totally thought he wouldn’t ask me. Yeah, I’m so excited! We’re gonna go to dinner, and it’s gonna be amazing, and then we’re gonna dance and oh my god I can’t wait! And I’m coming over to tell you all about it right now because I just couldn’t wait. And I have this perfect dress and I’m gonna send you a pic right now. Okay, sent. Did you get–” She didn’t notice the stop sign or the car that crashed into her until her car was already rolling onto its roof. But it was fine. Everyone survived. There were no major injuries. She learned her lesson and taught it to others. She was given a second chance. *** “Just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me. This is all your fault. You need to clean more. I’m the only one doing anything to help out. What do you do? I vacuum, I scrub the toilets, I do the dishes, I make the food. You should be thanking–” She didn’t pay attention to the road or the median that she ran into. And it wasn’t fine. She didn’t survive. There were major injuries that lasted forever. And she forgot the lesson she learned. She wasted her last chance. *** This is the true story of Amanda Clark who died in 2016 in Oakdale, California from distracted driving.