Dannica S

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A little birdy whispered in my ear, the moment before it all happened. The lights glared brightly before they all went out. They said I was not paying attention, they said I was the cause of it all. They said someone is gone, really gone, because of me. “She doesn’t understand,” someone said, “Speak her language.” “Okay,” another person replied, “Honey, you almost deleted your best YouTube video. You made a stranger become incognito with the Snapchat logo, and now, all that’s left is their Facebook and Instagram. No one will be able to listen to Spotify with them. You’ve gotta stop Google Playing with people’s lives all because the little birdy on your phone mattered more than the people on the road.” My throat hurt with more than just the itch of the neck brace. Everything ached. Then I heard a whistle outside that was different from the one on my phone. Painfully, I turned my head to look out the window. It was so beautiful, the bird. It’s blue feathers decorated with smaller black feathers and a white belly. My immediate thought right then was, “I want to be out there, alive.” Driving with the distraction of my device caused me to almost lose this all.