Distracted Driving

Aleshia M


Distracted Driving is something we have all seen at least once in our lives. Distracted Driving happens every day with teens, adults, senior citizens, and anyone who drives. Phones distract us from the road like mouth-watering food distracts us from the conversation at the dinner table. One time my uncle and I were going down the road, heading back to my house. It was just me and him, of course he was driving and we were listening to the radio. When my uncle went to change the radio station, he kept messing with the radio. Before I knew it we were in the other lane, on the wrong side of the road, in the grass of someones yard. My uncle jumped into action and snatched the wheel back towards the road. We were okay and got out of the situation with only a few scratches and bruises. It was very scary and I hope that something like this never happens again. Texting, talking, or even just checking the time could cost someone their life and it’s definitely not worth it. Phones are not the only distractions we encounter while behind the wheel. We get distracted by the views in the sky, the beautiful sunset, or the delicious sandwich we just bought, or even our dog that joined us for a nice, cool ride. We hear stories all the time from our friends at school or the news on TV or even social media post about kids that have passed away from distracted driving. We don’t have to keep watching these incidents happen. It’s time to step back and do something about it. We cant watch distracted driving slowly kill off our civilization. How about instead of laying our phone on the console in the car, we put it inside the console and have them automatically go to driving mode. Where if anyone tries to contact you, your phone will quickly send a message saying “sorry I’m driving right now, i will get back to you later!” For food, lets wait till we get home to eat. That sandwich isn’t worth a life and you might would rather eat with your family at home anyway. For our sweet dog pals, lets get kennels for them. It wont hurt for them to ride in a kennel for a few minutes, so we don’t get distracted while behind the wheel. Nothing is worth a life.


Distracted Driving can be anything. Including phones, pets, food, and even music. People can be distracted by almost anything, even having their friends in the car. People are so worried about so much more than what they need to be. They are worried about their appearance including their hair, makeup, and even their clothes. In the car, while behind the wheel, trying to fix their clothes or put on more mascara or lipstick and not paying attention to the road. Distracted Driving is something that we can overcome though. One day we will no longer have to watch the sad stories on the news in the early mornings about people that are our age going to heaven a little too soon.